Cluvio updates
Cluvio updates

New version updating improvements




We have improved the detection of new version of the Cluvio web app.

When navigating to a dashboard, the web app would automatically reload when a new version is detected and this will also happen on any open dashboards (such as those open on a TV as sharing links).

On other pages the update availability is displayed on top of the page:


SSH Tunnel Improvements




We rolled out an update to our SSH tunnel infrastructure to bring it up-to-date with modern host key algorithms, namely the SHA2 variants. The connection will automatically use the most secure algorithm available between the server and the client, falling back to SHA1 (ssh-rsa) only as a last resort.

Unlimited CSV download on links/embeds




We have added a long-requested feature, which allows the "Dowload CSV (Unlimited)" also on sharing links or embeds, available on the Business and Enterprise plans.

This functionality can be enabled on the sharing link, which will then display the report action on reports that have the unlimited download enabled in their settings:



Improved stacking behavior on combined line/bar charts




This improvement addresses a specific case, where Bar charts configured with stacking and are configured to display additional metrics as a line. Previously the series plotted as line would be stacked together with the bars.

With the improved behavior, any series configured as line do not take part in the stacking, making it more practical when multiple lines are present or the line needs to be on the same Y axis as the stacked bars:


Pie chart supports displaying context from additional columns in tooltip




Pie charts now support displaying additional context in the tooltips, coming from extra columns from the SQL query, similarly to Bar and Line charts.


Improved flow for user invites and initial signup




We have improved and simplified the flow when users accept invitation, so that the user is logged-in right away after clicking on the "Accept invitation" email link.


Timerange filter popup positioning and sizing improvements




We have addressed a long pet-peeve, where the timerange filter could appear partially off-screen, depending on the screen size and the filter position.

The popup will now be positioned more intelligently and adjust to smaller size and correctly scroll on mobile devices.


Customize routing for SQL Alert query error emails




SQL Alerts now allow specifying a separate email(s) to receive emails when there is an error running the alert query.


Improvements to Find Usages for filters and snippets




Find Usages action for Filters and SQL Snippets, available from the filter/snippet dropdown menu in settings, is now searching precisely for items (reports/snippets/filters) that reference the object, no longer just a full-text search for the name in the query.


Improvements for dropdown filters




We launched 2 improvements to the dropdown filters (single and multi-select):

  • the number of selected and available options is displayed

  • when the dashboard has a value selected, that does not exist within the filter options, an Invalid value item will now be displayed