Cluvio updates
Cluvio updates

πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦ Our support for Ukraine




Cluvio has donated 50k EUR today to support all Ukrainians in their struggle for survival, as humans and as a democratic country.

We also stopped providing our service to customers from Russia and Belarus in protest of the horrendous and uncivilised actions by their governments.

R: Added jsonlite library




We added a new library to the standard set: jsonlite (version 1.8.0), which adds functions for working with JSON in your R scripts.

Launching new Cluvio US Location





We are launching a complete separate location for Cluvio service in the US.

When signing up for a Cluvio account, you can now choose where your account is hosted:

  • EU, running in AWS eu-central-1 region in Germany
  • US, running in AWS us-west-2 region in Oregon, US

This allows you to use Cluvio in situations where you have specific legal or compliance requirements for where your data are processed geographically or are able to select a service location closer geographically for a better performance.

Fixed closing of timerange dropdown on embeds




We fixed an annoying issue in embeds, where selecting types of time range in the timerange filter popup would close the popup, requiring opening it again to select the values.

Report data age in report dropdown




The report dropdown now shows the age of its data same way as the dashboard does.


Improve navigation to Favorite dashboards




We improved the navigation from various pages back to the list of dashboards to always land in the Favorites section, if the user has favorites.


Fixing child filter selection when parent selection is cleared




We deployed a minor bugfix for child filter selection not being cleared up when parent filter is cleared via 'None'

Rendering bytes as KB or KiB




Table, Pivot Table and Number charts now support rendering values as KB/MB/GB/… or KiB/MiB/GiB/…



SQL Error position highlighting




We just deployed a minor new feature that can be nonetheless super-helpful and was long overdue - highlighting of the error position in the executed query. This works for most databases and most cases of errors, where the database reports the error position in the message.

The entire line with the error is highlighted with a pink background and the position within the line further highlighted via a red wavy underline.


Support text column timestamps for Bar/Line and XY charts




Bar, Line and XY charts now support time dimension even when the produced values are textual (as opposed to TIMESTAMP/DATETIME), making it easier to work with data which store timestamps as text (often a result of ETL or working with someone else's data) without having to do casting in SQL.