Cluvio updates
Cluvio updates

Rendering bytes as KB or KiB




Table, Pivot Table and Number charts now support rendering values as KB/MB/GB/… or KiB/MiB/GiB/…



SQL Error position highlighting




We just deployed a minor new feature that can be nonetheless super-helpful and was long overdue - highlighting of the error position in the executed query. This works for most databases and most cases of errors, where the database reports the error position in the message.

The entire line with the error is highlighted with a pink background and the position within the line further highlighted via a red wavy underline.


Support text column timestamps for Bar/Line and XY charts




Bar, Line and XY charts now support time dimension even when the produced values are textual (as opposed to TIMESTAMP/DATETIME), making it easier to work with data which store timestamps as text (often a result of ETL or working with someone else's data) without having to do casting in SQL.

Added ability to create new dashboard from Move report modal




You can now create a new dashboard directly from the Move To dialog.


Table chart: allow dynamically hiding columns with all NULL values




A new setting for a column for Table chart allows hiding that column if all values in that column are NULL. This can be useful for cases where some columns may only be meaningful for certain filter selections.


Line/Bar chart: Allow to specify axis labels via column names




The axis labels in Line and Bar chart now take the label from the corresponding SQL results column name if not specified manually.

This can be useful for some advanced cases where what the chart displays can differ based on filter selection (e.g. a filter that allows to select what kind of metric should be displayed), and the axis labels then can also dynamically adjust to clarify the meaning of the values plotted on the chart to the user.


Bar chart: Added ability to customize total line color




The color of the totals line on bar chart can now be customized same as the series colors.


Table chart: Apply alternating row background color also in dark mode




We updated the styling for table chart in dark mode to use alternating background for the even/odd lines same as the light mode does.


Week start setting




The Organization settings now allows setting the week start as Sunday or Monday for the entire organization.

Depending on that setting, "Week" aggregation option then automatically means either "week" or "week_sunday" and the time range picker calendar correctly renders the calendar with the desired week start.



Improved user signup experience for existing company account




We deployed an improvement, which helps in cases where users wish to join a company account on Cluvio by signing up on our website.

Now, when users with emails from an existing company account sign up, an email is sent to the admins of the account with a link allowing an account admin to easily assign a role to the user and send the invite.


You can now distribute a link to , which is a page optimized to only include the minimum information needed for your users to send the request to join your account.