Cluvio updates
Cluvio updates

Cache v2 & major performance improvements





Over the last few weeks we have launched a series of architecture and infrastructure changes that complete what we have been working on for last 18 months.

The most notable changes are:

  • A blazing fast new Rust-based data server component of our backend infrastructure that serves result data to the browser app. The request parallelisation done by modern browsers also helps with a very fast initial loads of the dashboards both accessed via our web app as well as embedded.

  • SQL results cache v2 which now allows reusing the cached SQL results across any reports (and upcoming dynamic filters) for an organization that share the same query. This can significantly reduce the load against your database and make dashboards load faster for your users. The mechanism is implicit and does not need to be turned on or explicitly selected. You can see this in action by duplicating a report with a long-running query, which is now instantaneous, as the duplicate does not need to re-run the SQL query.

  • Any SQL results that are used by multiple reports on a dashboard are loaded and stored just once in the browser, which contributes to the performance and responsiveness of the dashboard user experience